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Q & A


How long will it take to ship?

Please understand that we may have delays in shipping times due to Covid-19 international and national freight delays. This is information is changing frequently.

Our current guesstimate is:
* 3-7 working days Auckland
* 2-5 working days for rest of North Island
* 3-7 working days for South Island
* 3-10 working days for rural delivery (this really varies from driver to driver)
* AUSTRALIA 10-15 working days (subject to change depending on Covid situ)

UPDATE: Due to huge cost increases and unreliable shipping (all related to Covid-19), we have temporarily had to turn off shipping to the rest of the world. 

What happens if my order is damaged?

Please let us know as soon as possible (with a photo), and we will replace the damaged item immediately.  If you would prefer a refund, just let us know and we will sort that for you.

What happens if an item is SOLD OUT?

If an item sells out, we will put a note on to let you know when it is next available.  If you are nervous about missing out, contact us, and we can put through a back-order. 

When an item is limited Edition, it can become permanently unavailable. 

Does Kat hand autograph every book?

Yes! Let me know if you would like a special message.

Thank you so much! Every time somebody makes an order, we do a little happy dance! 


HAND BUILT: Our enamelware is hand dipped with an extra thick enamel glaze, and then fired in the kiln in extremely high temperatures. This can be repeated numerous times, depending on the product. During this process, the coloured pigment in the glaze reacts during the firing process, giving each piece its own varying character and finish, with no two pieces exactly the same. This process (and extra enamel coats), can result in slight texture on the enamel, or small imperfections... but also, helps to create a stronger, more durable product.

ARTWORK APPLIED BY HAND: Because the artwork is also applied by hand, there will be slight variations, that add to the hand built, vintage feel.

If I chip my enamelware, is it still safe to use?

This enamelware is shatterproof, although if dropped the outer porcelain layer can chip. If this happens, the steel below naturally oxidises & the enamelware remains safe to use. We think this just adds to the vintage charm of this kiwi classic!

Our enamelware is Food Safety Tested to meet FDA standards, is chemically safe, not made with plastics, eco-friendly, child safe & tough as!